Introducing Slide Decks

September, 01 2022

Slide Decks allow instructors to import PowerPoints into their courses, build from adaptable templates, and gives more control to instructors.

Animated GIF showing importing a PowerPoint into a slide deck


PowerPoints are ubiquitous in learning and for good reason—they are an adaptable, succinct way of displaying information; yet they are not fool-proof. There is a notable lack of control whenever sharing presentations—whoever gets them isn’t accountable for engaging with the content. Addressing this problem, CoreAchieve gives new tools without losing control, like tracking how long a learner stayed on a slide for.


These extra tools come with one of CoreAchieve’s newest features, Slide Decks. Using Slide Decks, one can import PowerPoint files directly into a learning module with the same order and content.


Just like PowerPoints, Slide Decks can include audio (either imported or recorded directly in CoreAchieve) and can set an amount of time that a learner must spend on the slide. CoreAchieve requires the learners to view the whole Slide Deck in sequel order to continue to course completion and, by tracking the time that learners spend on each slide, CoreAchieve enables one to ensure that the content they made is used.


Even if there isn’t a PowerPoint to import, Slide Decks can be built directly in CoreAchieve by using different templates. Learn how to create Slide Decks from template.


CoreAchieve is a learning management system that, by having tools like Slide Deck, helps streamline the transition (and the upscaling) from offline learning to online learning. Click here for a video on Slide Decks.


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