Features Designed For An
Intuitive, Adaptable, and Complete
Training Platform


CoreAchieve makes it easy to build and customize courses with any type of content. Upload videos, PDFs, slideshows, form the Google Suite, or complete courses with SCORM.

Build a library of training content that act as building blocks, making for a modular training experience.

Assessments are powerful tools for testing knowledge in CoreAchieve, with a plethora of question types and assessment options. With assessments, organizations can guarantee users understand the training content.


Training, and the platform it's hosted on, is a central part to any organization which is why CoreAchieve allows complete platform branding. Change logos and the color scheme, or completely customize the layout with HTML and CSS.

CoreAchieve has flexible permissions that organizations can tailor users, or groups of users, with the actions to ensure the training process runs as smoothly as possible.

Training can take many forms and the CoreAchieve platform offers ways to host webinars or in-person training.


CoreAchieve's platform allows for complete control of the functionality, permissions, and reports. CoreAchieve also has options to "Login as User," for administrators to see and navigate under the user's account for more assistance.

Making use of advanced reporting tools, Microsoft's PowerBI, CoreAchieve delivers comprehensive reporting and complete users records, holding information like credits and certificates.

Never miss out on training because of time, location, or limited resources, training is available on any device as long as it has an internet connection and a website browser.

Full List of Features

Every single one of CoreAchieve's features are included regardless of the plan. There are no paywalls, an organization with 1000 people will have the same in-depth features that an organization with 10 do.