CoreAchieve: 2023 in Review

January, 02 2024

Happy New Year!

As we begin the new year, it’s critical to reflect on the previous year. In this spirit, here is CoreAchieve’s 2023 year in review and some hints at 2024.


(Some) Major Updates

Content Creation with Artificial Intelligence

Content creation has always been a limiter for training, some organizations may spend a lot of time developing their own in-house, while others pay premium fees to license their content, but neither option is ideal. That’s why we added generative content to our robust lists of features.


Make courses with a couple clicks. Create articles, quotes, paragraphs, questions, and entire presentations with just a prompt. Everything still should be double-checked, but this feature will dramatically cut down on time (or money) spent developing training content.


Screenshot of CoreAchieve AI Generative Assistant


While the technology is powered by top language models, what might matter more for your organization is that this AI generation feature is completely free, and the content yours to keep.


The New CoreAchieve Assistant

In our never-ending effort to give the best support possible, we’ve implemented an assistant that is trained off CoreAchieve materials, and the questions you ask, to answer any questions before you need to start hunting. Simply open the chat, type your question or topic, and get a response within seconds.


More Tools for Quizzes

On the assessment side of things, we’ve implemented a new question type called “Hotspot.” This question will ask the user to answer a prompt by clicking on specific spots on the image: hence the name. This question type allows trainers to include more engaging and visual content in their assessments.


Log-in as User

Anyone familiar with administration sees the need for this feature, as it allows administrators or instructors to exactly what a learner sees. Now any questions or problems that the learner is having can been seen or fixed from their perspective. There’s no more need for a game of telephone.


Connecting Google Drive into Training

Google Drive is one of the most convenient and popular ways to host content on the cloud and trainers may find themselves constantly translating content they have on Google Drive into other platforms. Well, no longer. CoreAchieve has made it convenient for users to attach training content from Google Drive directly into their Course. Effortless embed Docs, Sheets, Slides, or Forms into sections.


Self-Reporting Credits

It’s common for users to have taken other classes or courses outside of your organization and the CoreAchieve platform, but keeping track of these external qualifications can be a tangled challenge of paperwork and spreadsheets. Wanting to avoid this, CoreAchieve has implemented a system where users can self-report credits that they have received outside the record and conveniently store them along with their CoreAchieve rewards.


There are many more updates that we didn’t mention here (including many quality-of-life changes), but you can always visit the “News” page on the platform to see everything.


A (Not-So-Brief) List of Other Updates

Some of these we have covered previously in other posts, but—to get a full grasp of the 2023 year—they’ll will be included again.


·        Video Player with Checkpoints

·        Gamification

·        Sharing Credentials and Awards on Social Media

·        The interface is translated into Spanish and French

·        Custom Notification Reminders

·        Converting PPTX into Slide Decks

·        New User Group Actions

·        Embedded Analytics

·        Tables in the Simple Text Editor

·        Exporting users

·        Add Vimeo Videos


What’s the future looking like?

CoreAchieve is working on even more ways to push the limits of training with technology even further, not much can be shared now, but exciting projects are underway.


Massive updates to the current gamification system and new ways for users to interact with each other. New ways for administrators to streamline their user management.


We hope you had a great and productive 2023, like we did, and hope that 2024 is even better!


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