Essential Business Skills for 2023

April, 04 2023

What has been your business' most valuable skills? Learning and adopting new skills is essential for any business being able to thrive, but what skills are the best to start with?

Essential business skills to be fostering with your learning management system platform to ensure the personal success of your employees and business. Most of these skills can feel immaterial, but they can be developed and will dramatically impact the quality of work done.



Creativity is often branded as an inherited skill, however, creativity can be trained and fostered with proper practice. People like artists, through years of developing their style, often make systematic ways of generating ideas and these ways can be demystified and taught for workplaces. For business, creativity can help develop innovative products, services, or solutions, find new markets, and help your business standout.


Critical Thinking

Critical thinking is an essential skill especially with creativity as critical thinking allows you to manifest those creative ideas into actionable plans. Critical thinking is the ability to analyze and evaluate information to make informed decisions about the best course of action.


Project Management

Project management involves many moving parts that can easily be overlooked without experience or training. Things like how to manage a team, develop timelines, set realistic deadlines, allocate budgets, and define useful metrics are necessary for efficient projects. With proper project management training, workers can deliver projects faster and more accurately.


Time Management

Time management is an aspect of project management, but it is also applicable to most (if not all) other business activities. Having proper time management means that people can stay productive and meet deadlines.



Communication in business can mean many different things, the way one speaks to a peer will be completely different than how one would speak to their boss or stakeholders. Both ways are essential for the business to function properly, but skills may be developed on how to switch between the two or convey the same concept in one versus the other.


Technical Skills

Technical skills are essential for modern business as the vast majority of businesses now use technology to augment their functions. While most people do not need a detailed understanding of how technology works, they will need a fundamental level of knowledge to operate and keep the technology safe.



Being adaptable means much more than being able to go with the flow. Rather a truly adaptable person can take a situation and mold it to still maximize the outcomes. Business, and their projects, change all the time and adaptability allows one to be responsive and ahead of all these changes.


Decision Making

Decision making is not just a skill for managers, everyone in the business makes decisions no matter how tiny some might seem. As a skill, decision making is intertwined with critical thinking and allows people to make the best decisions even if they have some downsides. Indecision and stasis are the death of projects, but decision making can always create movement.


Conflict Resolution

Conflicts are inevitable in business as in any other part of life, but the size and severity of the issue has to do with conflict resolution. By having good conflict resolution, people can come to mutually beneficial outcomes, improve their relationships, and reduce stress.


Businesses are complex and the people that make them up should be comfortable with different skills, after all, it’s impossible to tell what may be needed next. The list above is a good starting point for making more effective and efficient workers in a volatile workplace. The best way to train these skills is by using a learning management system (LMS), like CoreAchieve, as they offer flexibility in content, location, and training time. These are a lot of skills, but using a LMS cuts down the resources needed for training.


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