The Benefits of a LMS in Compliance Training

January, 25 2023

Using a learning management system like CoreAchieve can streamline compliance training (or really any other training) by being more adaptable, easier-to-use, and smarter.

Compliance training is a necessity for any onboarding routine. After all, compliance training helps create a healthier workplace environment, while making your organization more attractive, and is a defense for any possible bad actors inside your organization. Since there are some great benefits, we want to make sure that we are delivering these courses as best we can. So, how can we use a learning management system (LMS) to deliver these compliance courses better.



The biggest benefit of using a LMS for compliance courses is the flexibility that only a LMS allows. For example, all from the same system, you can update courses whenever, send out system-wide messages, create and deliver content, collect useful information, and manage learners regardless of their location.


A LMS dramatically reduces the amount of cost (in time and money) whenever you need to change your training because the change can happen system-wide instantly, which given the nature of compliance training, can happen quite often.



One of the major reasons for compliance training is defense if an employee does something wrong. For example, if an employee were to harass someone despite receiving anti-harassment training, the organization can prove that they preemptively tried prevent it. This defense is only strengthened if the organization can produce records that the employee in question received and completed said training, which certificates can easily do.


Furthermore, most compliance courses, like safety, need to be completed once a year. Using a LMS like CoreAchieve streamlines this by allowing you to set an auto-expire on certificates after a given time and require the learner to retake whatever course is needed.


Record Keeping

Certifications are not the only information that a LMS can keep. With CoreAchieve, you can view all your learners’ activities within the system, so you’ll know when someone isn’t learning. Going beyond the idea of just wasting time, you can automatically track a learners’ progress over time.


Streamlining Quizzes and Surveys

Essential components of compliance training—like quizzes or surveys—are significantly easier and more efficient whenever delivered using a LMS. There are a few reasons for this, like being able to update any changes made to quiz or survey, gathering statistics automatically, or settings that allow you to customize them exactly to your needs.


Beyond just streamlining testing memory, LMS quizzes provide proof that a learner has completed and understands a course’s content. Having this proof only further removes the responsibility of a learner’s actions from the organization. So, if a problem ever occurs despite you having it in your compliance training, a quiz (and its records) can help deduce the problem. They can also be built to describe the correct answer, allowing the user to learn even while taking a quiz.


While surveys are just opinions, they can still help you identify issues with your training program. There are disconnects that can happen between the training assigned and actual organization’s environment. Maybe some training isn’t relevant or it is commonly disregarded by those who should be using it. Whatever the case may be, LMS surveys can be pushed out, updated, and collected much easier paper or interviews. Furthering this ease, CoreAchieve will automatically produce reports on the data collected from surveys so you don’t have to sift mind-numbing individual data points.


Adaptable Libraries

This depends on the LMS you’re using, but ones like CoreAchieve come with content or tools that can be used to consistently update or change your courses without much hassle.


CoreAchieve features three libraries of content with over 1000+ courses. So, if ever you need to add or change courses, you won’t even need to leave CoreAchieve’s system. Having a robust library of content reduces the time and risk of using different courses, allowing you to discover what content works best for your organization.


If you need specialized courses or want to make your own, you can make original content or import your existing content into a course editor. All your material will stay on the servers and can be neatly organized together to make it easy to update or find content.


Grows with You

A good LMS will grow with your organization. You don’t need to hire new trainers or relocate people to new locations, simply add more users to your LMS. With a LMS, one person could oversee dozens (possibly hundreds) of learners regardless of time, place, or activity. Upscaling training is essential for a growing organization, but a LMS can make that growing pain much easier.


Compliance courses are a necessity for organizations as they promote a better workplace, are conducive to healthier habits, and help defend the organization against the actions of an individual worker. However, just because they are mandatory doesn’t mean they have to be a nuisance, implementing a LMS like CoreAchieve will dramatically increase the impact and ease of training—even if it isn’t compliance related.


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