The Most In-Demand Skills to Begin Training for 2023 (and Beyond)

January, 10 2023

Do you know if you're training the right skills for 2023? These skills are going to be necessary to begin developing in 2023 and for many years after.

Organizations, just like individuals, typically use the new year as a time to evaluate and plan their route through the next trip around the Sun. While this practice is all well and good, it does require a rough outline of what’s expected next year so you’re not left chasing ghosts. As such, here is a succinct list of valuable skills to being cultivating for 2023 success.



The idea of cybersecurity being a necessary skill may not seem correct at first, but we are not talking about a full cybersecurity profession. Cybersecurity, like other electronic skills, is becoming a soft skill. More and more jobs are becoming dependent on the internet, especially because of the shift to remote work, resulting in the increased possibility of cyberattacks hampering your organization. Much like how stores have trainings for fire, robberies, or natural disasters, cybersecurity is going to become a main stay of safety training.


Customer/User Experience

The increased focus on customer and user experience is similar in nature to the reason why cybersecurity has become a necessity, namely, interactions are becoming more and more digital. Organizations now standout if they have unique, easy, and memorable systems for the user to interact with. Systems may seem very broad, and it is, but everything a user interacts with is a possibility for a good or bad experience. Therefore, optimizing every possible interaction to be good is a necessity.


Agile Project Management

Agile project management refers to the ability of someone (or team) to react and change course efficiently during projects. A useful skill to have regardless of the time, but absolutely needed in an internet-based environment. Teams are inundated with so much information and potential tools that, while overwhelming, project managers must be able to implement the most useful tools among them while updating the project’s path.


Artificial Intelligence

Don’t worry, you don’t have to start training people about how to develop artificial intelligence, but they should know about how to work with it. Artificial intelligence is still in its infancy in a lot of places, yet popular AI tools are gaining traction in workplace environments. Soon your organization may have multiple different AIs streamlining tasks. The people using these AIs must understand not the decision-making process of the AI (a task that’s nearly impossible), but how to coax the AI into giving (around) the desired results. Followed by how to teak those results to make them more human or fitting.


Data Communications

Data communications is rapidly becoming one of the most sought-after skills as industries continue to be dominated by ever-increasing hordes of data. Communicating this is more difficult than one might originally think, because large data needs to be interpreted properly then that interpretation needs to be justified to people who don’t want to interpret it. Furthermore, actions need to be planned, justified, and executed properly based off this data interpret. Knowing how to show, understand, and react to large volumes of data will be essential.


Digital Marketing

Most interactions are taking place online and, as a result, organizations need to be able to make an online footprint that draws more people towards them. Digital marketing is how one stands out. Digital marketing is a broad category of skills, from copywriting to video production to website development, so don’t underestimate the value of having people fluent in these skills especially given the new digital landscape.


Trends for new skill demand

These skills all have the common through-line of adapting to an evermore online world and market. Unimaginable opportunities have opened for organizations to play with their presentation, offers, and tools, but these opportunities demand both skill and knowledge.


The skills listed above are not going to be fads (maybe except for artificial intelligence, depending on numerous things) because the internet of things is only going to become more intertwined with life. As such, I’d like to add another skill: creativity.



Creativity is a bit of a cop-out answer, but it is a skill that can be developed. One’s creativity most be developed moving into an online age because there are no limits to online interaction. In a physical space there must be concessions given to the form of said space; however, in a purely digital space, anything is possible as there is very little (if at all) form. Organizations will make waves by being creative and reimagining how we interact with their systems.


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