The Power of Learning Paths in eLearning Content

September, 23 2022

Learning paths are one of the major benefits of learning management platforms—they increase learners' engagement. CoreAchieve's Learning Paths fosters learners' engagement, individuality, interest, and, most importantly, their growth.

Engagement is vital to learning—after all, how is a student supposed to digest content that they aren’t paying attention to? The worry of disengagement was at the forefront with the shift in learning that happened during COVID and there are no universal answers. Even in person, there isn’t really a way to ensure that a student is milling over the concepts, but an underutilized way to increase engagement without sacrificing content is by letting students choose what they learn when. This choice, seemly small, has amazing outcomes—increasing engagement and allowing for individualized learning, which increases how well students fare on metrics like saving time while performing better. CoreAchieve’s Learning Paths help propel both engagement and individualized learning, consequently leading to more efficient learning than traditional methods. 


Animated GIF showcasing CoreAchieve's graphical user interface for Learning Paths


Learning Paths are a system in which instructors can define a series of courses, their order, and sequence in which they can be taken. These courses can be assigned as mandatory or elective, and the instructor can set how many electives a learner must finish for learning path completion. The idea of offering elective courses is that learners can pick the courses that pique their interest the most. Therefore, by using CoreAchieve’s learning paths, an instructor can increase the engagement in the content they made. Learning Paths may seem complicated, but CoreAchieve’s user friendly interface helps to cut down on implementation time. You can re-use the same set of courses in multiple learning paths. 


Animated GIF demonstrating how to add a course to a CoreAchieve Learning Path


Learning Paths are even less complicated for the learner, their design provides all the information needed. Clearly labelled and contained groups, the courses are color coded for different completion requirements, the course names are always visible, and the whole is reminiscent of a bookshelf—to begin, just pick one and see if it is time to read it. 


Once the learning path is launched, instructors can see learners progress and completion – individually or as a group. The data collected can be used to identify anything problematic about the course. Coupled with CoreAchieve’s logging tools, an instructor can accurately determine how engaged a learner is. 


Furthermore, CoreAchieve still prioritizes accreditation and certification by giving the option to assign multiple certification templates. Learners can be awarded with different certifications based on which electives they choose to complete in their learning path. Certifications can still be given an expiration date. 


CoreAchieve’s learning paths are a flexible tool that allows learners’ experiences to be unique as they are.  


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