June, 16 2022

It was always FREE to try CoreAchieve, but now it is also FREE to build your learning content.

We recognize time and efforts which are needed to build your learning content and we want to support you with a FREE CoreAchieve subscription. The number of courses you can build and the number of components for those courses such as materials, quizzes, surveys, and flashcards have no limits. The only limitation we have is the number of user records: you can have up to five (5) users under the free plan and transition to the paid plan when your content is ready, reviewed and tested. Your data will be guarded and backed up. We provide Help pages and “How to” video series as guidance. You are always welcome to reach out for support at support@coreachieve.com, we are here to help!

You can upgrade and downgrade your subscription as needed.

What plans do you offer?

  • FREE plan: 5 user records, that’s the only plan with user limit
  • PAID plans: STARTER, BASIC, STANDARD and PREMIUM. See details above.

If you have more users or need your own standalone implementation with custom integrations or multiple Business Units, please contact us at sales@coreachieve.com

All plans include unlimited number of learning objects such as Courses, Quizzes, Surveys, Flashcards, Materials and Learning Paths.

What is an “active” user?

We count a user as active if administrative or learning actions in a calendar month prior to the billing date are performed. There is no need to activate/deactivate users to save on license cost. Those users that simply browse your offering or download their own learning records will not be counted. Note, that we will still count deleted users if they had activity.

What if I exceed user “limit” in paid plan?

No Limits! Our system will monitor and warn you about usage over your current tier so there are no surprises. You can also switch to the next tier if your popularity dramatically increases. If there are just a few users over your current plan, we will include them as a separate charge at the per user cost corresponding to your plan.

Is it possible to pay annually?

Please contact us at accountinggroup@corepartners.com to switch you to our annual plan. We still need a valid credit card on file in case of over plan usage.

Is it possible to pay by check?

For the annual subscription, we allow prepayment in full by check. We still need a valid credit card on file in case of over plan usage.

Once you have signed up for the plan you need, contact the accounting team at accountinggroup@corepartners.com to switch you to an annual plan.

Is there a possibility to change or add functionality?

Yes, our specialized consultants will find the way to address your needs even if customizations are required.

Do you provide administrative training?

Yes! To arrange administrative training, please contact us at sales@coreachieve.com.

What kind of support is available?

If you need assistance, please contact us at support@coreachieve.com. Our support engineers are ready to help you online in Microsoft Teams meeting if email exchange is not sufficient.

OK, I am ready to subscribe. What to do?

Pick the plan which fits your current needs and click Select plan. Enter your credit card information and once your payment is accepted, you have instant access to the plan.

*PROMO: only in month of June your regular first month payment is on us! Your credit card will be charged in the next calendar month. You are still responsible for active users over plan limit, please choose the plan which fits you!

What happens when I upgrade my subscription?

Upgraded subscription plan will be applied to the current billing cycle. This way if you have a considerable number of extra users, you can switch and save.

What happen when I downgrade my subscription?

Downgraded subscription plan will be applied at the start of the next billing cycle. If you want to downgrade to the free subscription, please make sure that you have 5 or less users marked as Active by you. If there are more than 5 users, then more recently created logins will be de-activated starting the next billing cycle.


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