Every Feature, with

No Extra Costs

The CoreAchieve platform does not have any arbitrary pay-walls, you only pay for active users. Every feature will be available to you regardless of the amount you pay.

24/7 AI Support

Administrators Can Login As User

Adjustable Completion Criteria

AI Course Generation

Automatically Distribute Certificates

Comprehensive Reporting

Complete Course History

Course Builder

Create Badges

Create Discussion Boards

Create User Groups

Certificates of Completion

Certificate Templates

Custom Branding

Custom News Blog

Customizable Notification Templates

Flexible Login Options

Flexible, Permission-Based Security

Google Suite Compatibility

Import/Export Training Materials

Import User Credentials

In-Person Training Options

Instructor Led Training

Issue Certificates

Lesson Templates

Login History

Personalized Training

Powerful Assessments

Real-Time Comments and Discussions

SCORM Compliance


Training Materials Repository

Video Player Checkpoints (Pause and Tracking of Completion)

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