Build engaging courses with straightforward
and robust tools

Authors can easily create courses and learning material without sacrificing functionality. Update, reuse, export, or sell anything you build.

Using an intuitive and user-friendly interface, create professional courses from scratch. Further the course with options like course completion criteria, information sections, quizzes, or instructor led training.

Cut down on implementation time by importing SCORM courses, or, if you want to save courses built with course builder, CoreAchieve supports exporting into SCORM as well.

CoreAchieve offers flexibility in completion criteria for courses. Specify what content is mandatory verses optional and update it even if the course is active. Completion can be defined by finishing a course or through credits.

Utilize HTML templates for a more personalized, custom courses that can be easily reused, updated, and exported into a PDF format. Templates can completely change the look and feel of CoreAchieve making your platform completely unique.

Learning materials in CoreAchieve, like quizzes, surveys, or flashcards, are adaptable and easily placed in any number of courses, cutting down on time spent building full-fledged courses.

Export your learning materials to easily store, share, edit, and upload into different systems.

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